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Sneinton St Stephen's CofE Primary School


At Sneinton C of E (Aided) Primary School, in accordance with the 1988 Education Reform Act, we provide Religious Education for all the children in our school. As RE is not part of the National Curriculum, its syllabus is decided locally.


We strive to educate the children in a Christian environment which embodies Christian values. We have defined these as: Peace, Love, Respect, Kindness, Trust, Patience, Forgiveness, Joy, Generosity and Truth. These values are at the heart of everything we do, and enable the children to fulfil their potential and have an understanding of Christian values and morals in their lives.


We are a multicultural/multi-faith school that values and respects all people equally within our school community. We therefore aim to foster an understanding of the diversity of religious belief in Sneinton and beyond, drawing parallels between Christians values and those of other faiths or none.


The aims of Religious Education at Sneinton C of E are:


  • To enable pupils to encounter Christianity as the religion that shaped British culture and heritage and influences the lives of millions of people today.
  • To enable pupils to learn about the other major religions, their impact on culture and politics, art and history, and on the lives of their adherents.
  • To develop understanding of religious faith as the search for and expression of truth.
  • To contribute to the development of pupils’ own spiritual / philosophical convictions, exploring and enriching their own faith and beliefs.


The outcomes for pupils at the end of their education in church schools are that they are able to:


  • Think theologically and explore ultimate questions.
  • Reflect critically on the truth claims of Christian belief.
  • Develop the skills to analyse, interpret and apply the Bible text.
  • Recognise that faith is a particular way of understanding and responding to God and the world.
  • Analyse and explain the varied nature and traditions of the Christian community.
  • Make a well informed response to Christianity.
  • Respect those of all faiths in their search for God.
  • Reflect critically on areas of shared belief and practice between different faiths.
  • Enrich and expand their understanding of truth.
  • Reflect critically and express their views on the human quest and destiny

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