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School Logo

Sneinton St Stephen's CofE Primary School


We believe that becoming a successful reader will ensure that all our pupils are helped to develop a lifelong passion for learning, exploring life in all its fullness with hope and aspiration, through a world class education.


It is our intention that every child will receive daily, robust, consistent high-quality phonics teaching. Children will begin their phonics teaching as soon as they enter F1. The classrooms and outdoor areas and learning environments will support the children's phonic teaching. Children will all have access to fully decodable high-quality phonics books that support their learning.


We follow the Rising Stars Reading Planet Rocket Phonics scheme,

validated by the DfE.

The fundamental concepts of this approach ensures that:

  1. Phonics is overseen by a dedicated phonics leader.
  2. Phonics is taught daily for at least 30 minutes.
  3. All staff are supported with regular phonics professional development training.
  4. A clear pathway is followed through the alphabetic code. 
  5. Children are not asked to read texts by themselves that they cannot yet read.
  6. The SSP teaching principles are taught explicitly. 
  7. The Teaching and Learning Cycle (revisit, teach, practise, apply) is followed.
  8. Children are supported to keep up, so they do not need to catch up. 
  9. Phonics is taught at letter-sound, word, sentence and text levels.
  10. Core phonics is distinguished from phonic enrichment activities.
  11. Teachers have clarity about what, why and how they are teaching.
  12. Teachers focus on details, such as accurate modelling and pencil hold.


We strive to engage our parents in all aspects of teaching and learning and parents will have the opportunity to attend phonic information workshops and attend phonic mornings with their children.


Watch the video of phonics teaching in our classrooms:

In all lessons, we encourage all pupils to give their best and reach their potential through using the learning tree skills: creating, wondering, trying, concentrating, remembering and checking.


We support our children to learn to a deep level, to know more and remember more. We ensure our phonics teaching follows a progression model, allowing pupils to build on previous knowledge as they connect to new information.



Our Awards